NIX Solutions: Windows 11 KB5034765 Update Woes

The recent Windows 11 security update KB5034765, rolled out in February, has triggered significant inconvenience for users attempting installation. Despite Microsoft’s assurance of ongoing efforts to provide a comprehensive fix, many encountered complications during the installation process.

NIX Solutions

Installation Hurdles at 96%

Users attempting to install the KB5034765 update on Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2 computers reported an abrupt halt at 96%. The installation was subsequently canceled, displaying error code “0x800F0922.” This particular setback adds to a series of issues stemming from the KB5034765 update since its release on February 13.

Varied Issues Post-Installation

Following successful installations, users faced additional challenges. Some experienced the disappearance of the taskbar, while others encountered Explorer crashes. Performance problems were also noted in certain cases, contributing to an already lengthy list of concerns associated with the KB5034765 update, adds NIX Solutions.

Microsoft’s Response and Temporary Solution

Acknowledging the emergence of a new error, Microsoft committed to resolving the issue without specifying a timeframe. The developer emphasized that in case of a failed update attempt, the system automatically rolls back the changes. As a temporary workaround, Microsoft recommended manually deleting the hidden C:$WinREAgent folder, followed by a potential reboot. Subsequently, the update installation is expected to proceed successfully.

In summary, the KB5034765 update for Windows 11 has introduced a range of challenges for users, from installation interruptions to post-update issues. Microsoft’s commitment to addressing the problems is evident, with a temporary workaround provided for affected users.