NIX Solutions’ Enterprise Solutions

The activities of any enterprise are greatly simplified when using enterprise software. Automation of all business processes associated with a single system will make the company’s work clear and harmonious. NIX Solutions can create and implement programs to automate any type of corporate activity.

Enterprise software allows you to:

To simplify the work with staff:

  • maintain a database of employees;
  • differentiate access rights to program employees;
  • keep records of employee time;
  • take time for business trips and vacations;
  • draw up schedules for duty or work;
  • make reports on the activities of employees.

Manage tasks and projects:

  • prepare reports and determine the effectiveness of the work of employees, departments, the whole company as a whole;
  • control the process of setting goals and the timing of their implementation in each division of the company;
  • give reminders of the completion of the stages of each task;
  • automate the process of performing certain tasks;
  • evaluate the results of tasks.

Manage customers and contracts:

  • maintain a database of customers and customer companies;
  • record all events related to customers;
  • report on sales or contracts.

And also NIX Solutions’ enterprise solutions can help to:

  • Organize internal communications;
  • Organize meetings;
  • Automate reporting.