NIX Solutions: Windows 11 Adoption Declines

The analytical resource Statcounter recently released statistics regarding the distribution of Windows versions on user PCs, based on data from the past month. Despite Microsoft’s efforts to promote Windows 11, it continues to lag behind Windows 10 in terms of adoption.

NIX Solutions

In March, Windows 11 held a market share of 26.72%, a decrease of 1.46% compared to the previous month. Meanwhile, Windows 10 saw a slight increase, reaching a market share of 69.04%. This trend suggests that many users are still hesitant to upgrade to the latest operating system.

Persistence of Legacy Systems

While newer versions of Windows are gaining traction, older operating systems are steadily declining. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows XP all experienced decreases in market share, indicating a gradual shift towards more modern platforms.

NIX Solutions notes that Windows 11 had shown promising growth in February, reaching a peak of 28.18% just before the decline. With support for Windows 10 set to expire in October next year, Microsoft may intensify efforts to encourage users to transition to Windows 11.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments in Windows version distribution trends.