NIXSOLUTIONS: US Department of Justice Prepares Antitrust Charges Against Apple

The US Department of Justice is gearing up to file charges against Apple for alleged violations of antitrust laws, with the anticipated legal action expected as early as March this year. Bloomberg reports that the charges center around accusations of Apple artificially restricting the performance of both software and hardware from competing companies when interacting with Apple’s products and applications.

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Ongoing Discussions and Potential Lawsuit

Representatives from Apple and the Department of Justice have engaged in three rounds of discussions regarding the impending antitrust lawsuit. While the document is currently in preparation, awaiting approval from high-ranking American officials, it is slated for completion by the end of the first quarter of this year. The investigation into Apple’s practices has been underway since 2019, with the Department of Justice prioritizing claims against Google until now.

Biden Administration’s Antitrust Actions

If the accumulation of evidence results in an antitrust lawsuit, it will mark the fourth such case under the Biden administration. Alongside ongoing proceedings against Google, the US authorities are actively pursuing antitrust cases against Meta Platforms and Amazon, adds NIXSOLUTIONS. Notably, Apple recently faced a setback in its dispute with Epic Games over alternative payment systems in iOS applications, despite maintaining control over the commission rates for third-party payment services.

As the Department of Justice intensifies its scrutiny of Apple, the technology giant faces the prospect of grappling with a significant antitrust lawsuit, adding to the series of legal challenges confronting major tech players.