NIX Solutions: Steam Sets New User Records

At the start of the year, Steam, the renowned digital distribution platform, continued its tradition by reaching unprecedented user engagement. On Sunday, January 7, the platform hosted an astounding 10.6 million gamers concurrently, setting a new record for simultaneous users.

NIX Solutions

Gameplay Peaks and Popular Titles

Simultaneously, the overall number of online users on Steam surged to 33.7 million, marking yet another record for the platform’s user base. Counter-Strike 2 emerged as the leading game, drawing in 1.2 million players, closely trailed by Dota 2 with 730 thousand players. Following suit was PUBG: Battlegrounds, released in 2017, captivating approximately 566 thousand gamers simultaneously.

Shifting Tides in Gaming Trends

NIX Solutions notes that the leading games on Steam remained consistent compared to the previous year. At the onset of January 2023, the user base predominantly engaged with Counter-Strike and Dota 2. However, the landscape altered as Goose Goose Duck, a free multiplayer game akin to Among Us, claimed third place, captivating over 700 thousand players concurrently. This year, however, it failed to secure a spot among the top twenty games, signifying a notable shift in gaming preferences.