NIXsolutions: Microsoft Opens Sources Real-Time Operating System

Microsoft has made a significant step towards fostering open-source collaboration in the realm of real-time operating systems (RTOS) by releasing the source code for Azure RTOS, its proprietary RTOS acquired along with Express Logic in 2019. This move marks a notable shift in Microsoft’s approach to RTOS development, embracing open-source principles and empowering developers with greater control over the underlying code.


Azure RTOS under the Eclipse Foundation’s Umbrella

The open-sourced Azure RTOS, now known as Eclipse ThreadX, will be governed by the Eclipse Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to open-source software advancement. Under the Eclipse Foundation’s stewardship, Eclipse ThreadX will operate under a permissive MIT license, encouraging unrestricted use and modification of the code.

ThreadX: A Ubiquitous RTOS Powering Diverse Devices

ThreadX, the underlying RTOS component of Azure RTOS, boasts an impressive reach, powering over 12 billion devices worldwide. Its versatility extends to a wide range of applications, including Intel’s Management Engine and the Raspberry Pi line of single-board computers.

A New Era of Open-Source RTOS Innovation

Microsoft’s decision to open-source Azure RTOS signals a new era of innovation and collaboration in the RTOS landscape, notes NIXSolutions. With the code freely available under the MIT license, developers can contribute directly to the RTOS’s evolution, fostering a thriving open-source community around Eclipse ThreadX. This open-source approach has the potential to accelerate the development of cutting-edge RTOS solutions, catering to the diverse needs of embedded systems and IoT applications.