NIXSOLUTIONS: Microsoft Expands Copilot Access to All Microsoft 365 Users

Microsoft has broadened access to its Copilot AI assistant within the Microsoft 365 office suite, making it available to corporate users of any enterprise size. Initially, Copilot subscriptions were limited to enterprises with a minimum of 300 users paying $9,000 a month. However, due to heightened demand from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Microsoft has removed this restriction, enabling businesses of all sizes to opt for the $30 per person monthly subscription to activate Copilot in Microsoft 365.


Inclusive Offerings for Office Apps and Teams

Copilot’s integration within Office apps extends to users of the Office 365 E3 and E5 cloud app suites, as well as Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Premium subscribers. These users can now acquire Copilot for Microsoft 365 at a rate of $30 per user per month. The AI chatbot, running on OpenAI’s GPT-4, transforms the document creation and editing experience within Office apps.

Revolutionizing Document Creation and Collaboration

Copilot, functioning as a sidebar-based assistant, facilitates various tasks such as generating text in documents, creating PowerPoint presentations from Word documents, and constructing pivot tables in Excel. Furthermore, its integration with Teams enhances collaboration by summarizing meetings and email threads, allowing users to catch up on missed information or streamline communication effortlessly, adds NIXSOLUTIONS.

Microsoft’s Copilot offers three distinct versions—a free version for users and businesses, a Copilot Pro option at an additional $20 per month for enhanced features, and a subscription with Copilot for Microsoft 365 priced at $30 per user per month for comprehensive AI-powered assistance.