NIXsolutions: Meta Faces EU Probe Over Child Safety Concerns

Meta-owned social networks Facebook and Instagram are awaiting an investigation for violations of European legislation regarding online content that threatens the safety of children, the European Commission reported. This can result in huge turnover penalties for the company.

NIX Solutions

European Digital Services Act and Child Safety Concerns

Under Europe’s Digital Services Act (DSA), which came into force last year, technology companies are required to take established measures to combat illegal and harmful content. The European Commission said it intends to launch an in-depth investigation into Facebook and Instagram over concerns that the social media companies have not taken adequate measures to address risks to children. Meta presented its risk assessment report in September last year, reminds NIXsolutions.

“The Commission is concerned that Facebook and Instagram systems, including their algorithms, may encourage behavioral addictions in children and create so-called ‘rabbit hole effects.’ In addition, the Commission is also concerned about the age verification and verification methods used by Meta,” the agency spokesperson said. The regulator’s concerns relate to children’s access to inappropriate content.

Potential Penalties and Broader Implications

Meta has already attracted unwanted attention from European officials over the issue of electoral disinformation – this is especially important in light of the European Parliament elections in June. Violations of the DSA are subject to a fine of up to 6% of the company’s global annual turnover. We’ll keep you updated on the developments of this case as it progresses.