NIX Solutions: Google Vertex AI for Corporate Clients

Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, which allows enterprise customers to build their own services using machine learning and Google’s large language models, has introduced new capabilities aimed at preventing the spread of incorrect information.

NIX Solutions

Grounding with Google Search and Third-Party Data Sets

In May, the Vertex AI Grounding with Google Search feature was rolled out to all customers, giving AI models access to information from the Internet in real time. Now, cloud platform customers will be able to further improve the results of their AI services using specialized third-party data sets. This service will utilize information from providers such as Moody’s, MSCI, Thomson Reuters, and ZoomInfo. Google announced that companies would be able to use this service “in the third quarter of this year.” These enhancements are part of Google’s efforts to encourage organizations to start deploying their own enterprise AI models on its infrastructure, all aimed at reducing the incidence of bad data in system responses.

High-Fidelity Mode and Dynamic Search

Another feature is the “high-fidelity mode,” which allows organizations to plug their own data sets into models instead of using Google Gemini’s extensive knowledge base. This mode is based on a special version of the Gemini 1.5 Flash model and can be enabled through the Vertex AI experimental functions section. Corporate clients will also be able to conduct hybrid searches using sample images and text explanations for them as queries. Additionally, in Grounding with Google Search, dynamic search will soon be available. The system will be able to automatically select information sources: either installed Gemini or Google Search data sets if resources are expected to be updated frequently.

These new capabilities aim to provide more accurate and reliable AI outputs, which is crucial for maintaining Google’s reputation, notes NIX Solutions. The ability to control the data sets for Google’s AI models will help the company improve its standing, especially after the introduction of AI into the search engine led to some humorous yet problematic advice for consumers. While jokes about eating rocks and adding glue to pizza are taken lightly, such mistakes can be costly for corporate clients.

Google continues to innovate and refine its AI offerings to better serve enterprise customers. We’ll keep you updated on further developments and enhancements to the Vertex AI platform.