NIX Solutions: Google Launched AI That Allows Optimal Ad Placement

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role in the information space of technobusiness. In light of this, Google has announced the launch of two new features based on AI automation for advertisers. These tools offer an optimal placement of brand information on various platforms owned by the tech giant.

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Here’s what you need to know about the new features:

Demand Gen:

Branding made easy with AI. Demand Gen allows advertisers to get the most out of their photo and video content on Google platforms like Gmail, YouTube and Shorts. AI now takes on the task of determining the most appropriate venue for each type of material so that it can make the best impression on the audience.

Advantages of Demand Gen:

  • AI automatically determines the best placement site
  • Maximum impression and return on materials
  • Advertisers need less time to make placement decisions
Video View:

Using AI helps advertisers find platforms with the highest number of video views. Preliminary testing of the Video View feature has shown that it can increase views of promotional videos by 40%.

Advantages of VideoView:

  • AI finds the site with the most video impressions
  • Increasing the number of video ad views
  • Advertisers can focus on marketing strategies instead of content design details

Using these new AI automation features from Google allows advertisers to focus on the strategic aspects of marketing while the AI system takes over the tasks of optimizing placement and increasing video ad views, concludes NIX Solutions. This means that advertisers can achieve the best results and maximum effectiveness of their campaigns.