NIXSolutions: Apple Faces Scrutiny Over Digital Markets Act Implementation

Under the new Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple is required to make significant changes to its app distribution policies. While these adjustments aim to foster competition and fairness, concerns persist regarding the effectiveness of Apple’s proposed solutions.


Changes Under DMA:

Starting from March, developers can offer alternative app stores, bypass the Apple payment system, and avoid up to 30% commissions. Users in the EU gain the ability to choose default web browsers and make contactless payments without relying on Apple Pay.

Controversial Fee Structure:

Despite these changes, developers not using Apple’s services are still obligated to pay 50 eurocents for each installation exceeding 1 million throughout the year. Larger companies, like Meta and Spotify, may be disproportionately affected. Additionally, Apple retains the authority to review apps for cybersecurity risks and fraud under its updated EU policy, notes NIXSolutions.

Industry and Regulatory Responses:

CEOs, such as Paulo Trezentos from Aptoide, express surprise at the depth of these changes but argue that the fees remain too high. EU industry chief Thierry Breton emphasizes the DMA’s role in promoting fair and open digital markets. The European Commission is closely monitoring Apple’s compliance and encourages engagement with stakeholders to refine proposed solutions.