NIXSolutions: Windows 11’s Notepad AI Boost and Scissors Utility Upgrade

In the latest test builds of Windows 11 (Canary and Dev), notable improvements have emerged, particularly within the familiar Notepad application. An intriguing addition comes in the form of an AI-based feature aimed at simplifying the handling of logs, program code, and natural language text.

NIX Solutions

Notepad’s AI Integration:

A distinctive feature introduced is the ‘Explain with Copilot’ command within the Notepad context menu. This function harnesses AI capabilities to swiftly provide summaries of selected text, offering a valuable tool for users dealing with various forms of content. Notably, the AI functionality extends to parsing program code and Windows system logs, enhancing the overall utility of the application. Users can conveniently activate this feature using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E.

Enhancements to Scissors Utility:

Beyond Notepad, the ‘Scissors’ utility sees expanded capabilities in this test build. Users can now augment screenshots with shapes such as rectangles and ovals, allowing for precise highlighting of desired fragments. The upgrade further enables users to manipulate these shapes, adjusting parameters like scale, position, and color, notes NIXSolutions.

Anticipated in upcoming stable builds of the operating system, these features, along with a Windows analogue to DLSS, promise to elevate user experiences across diverse functionalities.