NIX Solutions: Microsoft’s AI-Powered Video Scaling Feature in Windows 11

Microsoft is currently developing a cutting-edge feature for Windows 11, aiming to enhance video resolution through AI algorithms. Similar to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR tools, this innovation, tentatively named Automatic Super Resolution, is poised to be seamlessly integrated into the Windows 11 platform.


Exploring Automatic Super Resolution in Windows 11

Recent discoveries within the Windows 11 test builds, accessible to Microsoft Insiders, have unveiled mentions of the Automatic Super Resolution feature. The tool is designed to utilize artificial intelligence, promising smoother and more detailed gameplay in supported games.

The description of Automatic Super Resolution alludes to its resemblance to the Deep Learning Super Resolution technology. This technology, leveraging AI algorithms, has gained traction for its ability to enhance frame rates and image quality in gaming. Notably, AMD and Intel are also advancing their own analogues, reflecting the growing popularity of such advancements.

The Future of Automatic Super Resolution

Despite the absence of an official announcement from Microsoft, speculation arises regarding the functionality and availability of this new feature. NIX Solutions notes that DLSS technology, which utilizes the tensor cores of GeForce RTX accelerators for image scaling, prompts consideration that Automatic Super Resolution may require compatible video cards or processors equipped with Neural Processing Units (NPU).

As the details remain undisclosed, enthusiasts eagerly await Microsoft’s official unveiling, anticipating the integration of this innovative AI-driven video scaling feature into Windows 11.