NIX Solutions: Altoura offers free virtual training for companies fighting COVID-19

A Seattle-based company, Altoura, announced that since March 30 it will offer free licenses for its training software in order to help companies dealing with COVID-19 combating in any way.

Altoura is engaged in the development of enterprise software and virtual or augmented reality for various needs of organizations, specifies NIX Solutions.

Those engaged in finding vaccine or medical supplies production can count on VR/AR/MR training. The access duration is 6 months, with the possibility of extension.

The company’s offer is dictated by the current situation in the world. Offering its services, Altoura contributes to solving the pandemic problem and calls for other companies and organizations to work together. In the current environment, virtual learning is more relevant than ever. It ensures the safety of employees without adversely affecting the results of training. On the contrary, according to the Chinook Observer, due to the degree of immersion in the process, a person quickly assimilates information, while reducing the number of errors.