NIX Solutions: Windows 11 Update Creates Problems

Microsoft recently rolled out the KB5032190 security update for current versions of Windows 11. This update aims to fix several known issues but, unfortunately, introduces new challenges for users.

NIX Solutions

Endless Reboot Loop and Desktop Animation Issues

Installing KB5032190 might trigger an endless cyclic reboot of your computer. Reports on platforms like Reddit and Microsoft’s support forums have highlighted this concern. Some users have also experienced a decrease in the smoothness of virtual desktop animations, further complicating the update’s impact.

Taskbar Shortcut Disappearance and Malfunction

Users have encountered issues with shortcuts disappearing from the taskbar after installing KB5032190. This problem, previously noted after the Moment 4 update, persists with the latest package. Moreover, existing shortcuts on the taskbar may malfunction, launching unintended applications. Temporary solutions involve closing File Explorer via Task Manager, albeit with the issue resurfacing after approximately 30 minutes.

Microsoft’s Response and Pending Fixes

Acknowledging the taskbar shortcuts issue, Microsoft is actively testing a patch within beta versions of Windows 11 on the Canary channel. However, the public release date for this fix remains undisclosed, notes NIX Solutions.

The KB5032190 update for Windows 11 addresses certain issues but introduces others, ranging from cyclic reboots to malfunctioning shortcuts. While Microsoft is diligently working on remedies, affected users may need to await further updates or utilize temporary workarounds.