Twitch Updates Policy on Implied Nudity

Twitch recently implemented a new policy, prohibiting implied nudity on the platform. Angela Hession, Twitch’s chief consumer officer, announced the update, clarifying the restrictions in a blog post.


Policy Update Overview

The revised policy, effective since yesterday, strictly prohibits streamers from implying or suggesting full or partial nudity. This includes actions such as strategically positioning the camera or using censorship strips to hint at nudity, even with appropriate content labeling.

Policy Details

The guidelines explicitly state that streamers cannot expose their genitals or buttocks, nor can they suggest nudity by covering intimate body parts with objects or censor stripes. Twitch also prohibits visible outlines of genitals, even if concealed. Notably, any broadcasts involving nude or partially nude minors are unequivocally forbidden, irrespective of context.

The policy delineates specific requirements for female streamers, mandating coverage of nipples and the lower part of breasts. It allows cleavage as long as coverage standards are met and the streamer is visibly clothed. Additionally, all streamers are required to cover the area from hips to lower pelvis and buttocks.

Addressing User Experience

Hession emphasized Twitch’s upcoming initiatives to improve user experience, including a feature to blur thumbnails for sensitive broadcasts. Additionally, the platform plans to provide content filtering options based on labeling, empowering users to control their viewing experience, notes NIXSolutions.

The new policy aims to maintain a balance between content creation and ensuring a safe and appropriate environment for all Twitch users. As Twitch navigates evolving community concerns, these measures aim to uphold community standards while fostering a diverse streaming landscape.