NIX Solutions: Slack’s Interface Redesign

Slack recently unveiled its most significant interface overhaul to date, prompting comparisons to Discord’s layout. While Slack downplays the redesign as a “small tweak,” early screenshots showcase a substantial departure from its current look.

NIX Solutions

Latecomer or Lasting Contender? Examining the Numbers

In the realm of mobile app downloads, Slack has observed a steady quarterly growth of 66% since 2018. Discord, often perceived as catering exclusively to gamers, boasts an even more impressive 120% download increase. However, App Intelligence data from AppFigures contradicts assumptions. In Q2 of this year, Discord accumulated a staggering 21.8 million new downloads, dwarfing Slack’s 3 million by a factor of seven. Since 2018, Slack accumulated 56 million downloads, a fraction of Discord’s remarkable 507 million.

Beyond Gaming: Discord’s Evolution and Slack’s Challenge

The narrative that Discord solely serves gamers no longer holds true, spelling trouble for Slack. This presents a significant predicament that a revamped design might address, although prospects for a complete solution appear uncertain.

A Goliath in the Arena: Microsoft Teams

Notably, Slack faces an even more formidable adversary—Microsoft Teams. By 2019, Microsoft Teams had overtaken Slack in user count, experiencing a staggering 3,385% surge in downloads since 2018. The company asserts its dominance with 24.4 million downloads in Q2, adds NIX Solutions.

While distinct in purpose, Teams, Slack, and Discord command passionate user loyalty. Navigating this landscape requires acknowledging the mutually exclusive preferences that shape the competition.