NIXsolutions: Microsoft Expands Windows 10 Beta Program

Microsoft has announced plans to end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. In light of this, the company is encouraging users to upgrade to the current version of Windows 11. However, Microsoft has now taken an unusual step by opening up its Windows 10 beta program to test new features and improvements.


Windows 10 has already received the AI Copilot feature, which was initially exclusive to Windows 11. It is expected that other features may soon be available to Windows 10 users as well.

New Beta Channel for Windows 10 Insiders

In a blog post, the Windows Insider team explained, “To deliver new features and improve Windows 10 as needed, we need a place for active feature development with Windows Insiders. So today we’re opening the beta channel to Windows Insiders who are currently using Windows 10.” This move allows Windows 10 users to access and test new features early by joining the beta channel.

While Microsoft hasn’t disclosed what additional features it plans to test for Windows 10, the opportunity for Insiders to join the beta channel indicates ongoing development. Importantly, the end-of-support date of October 14, 2025, remains unchanged.

Future Updates and Support

NIXsolutions notes that last year, Microsoft stated that it had completed work on the main updates for Windows 10. However, the company later revised its approach, opting to add more functions to the operating system. This change is described by Microsoft as a way to “make sure everyone can get the most out of their current Windows PC.”

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments as Microsoft continues to enhance Windows 10 in the lead-up to its end-of-support date. For users still on Windows 10, joining the Windows Insider beta channel could provide a preview of what’s to come.