NIX Solutions: Microsoft Edge’s File Transfer Feature

Microsoft Edge is introducing a new feature that allows users to quickly download files from mobile devices directly into the desktop browser window. The feature works by using a QR code to transfer the file. However, there is one catch: users can only transfer a maximum of three files using a non-Edge mobile browser. Upon reaching this limit, Microsoft prompts users to switch to the Edge mobile browser to continue using the file transfer feature.

NIX Solutions

File Transfer Feature: Why Users May Switch to Edge Mobile

While this limit is understandable from Microsoft’s perspective, as it aims to promote its own mobile browser, it may also turn off some users who prefer using other mobile browsers. For example, users who are already using Google Chrome or Safari on their mobile devices may not want to switch to Edge just to be able to transfer files more quickly.

Microsoft Has Not Addressed the Limit

Microsoft has yet to officially address the reported limitation. The company may be waiting to see how users respond to the feature before deciding whether to change the limit. Alternatively, Microsoft may be hoping that users will simply switch to Edge mobile without any prompting.

Users Should Be Aware of Potential Limitations

It is important for all users to be aware of potential limitations before relying on new features, notes NIX Solutions. Microsoft Edge’s file transfer feature is a convenient tool, but it is worth considering whether the limit is a dealbreaker before using it.