NIXSolutions: Microsoft Automatically Installs Copilot on Computers with Windows 11

Late last year, Microsoft unveiled the Copilot app for Android, mirroring features akin to the ChatGPT AI bot. While an official Windows Copilot app remains absent, signs suggest its imminent arrival. According to online sources, Microsoft has begun auto-installing the Copilot application on Windows 11 PCs.

NIX Solutions

The Evolution of Copilot on Windows

Presently, the Copilot Windows application appears non-functional, containing 0 bytes of data. It seems Microsoft is priming for the launch of the Copilot desktop app, possibly later this year. Users retain the option to remove this application via standard OS tools if necessary, notes NIXSolutions. We’ll keep you updated on any developments. You can verify Copilot’s presence on your PC in the “Settings” section, under “Applications” and “Installed applications”.

Installation Mechanisms and Compatibility

The method by which Copilot installs on PCs with auto-update disabled remains unclear. Some users report its appearance post-installation of recent Edge updates. Notably, the AppxManifest.xml file referencing Copilot indicates compatibility with platforms from Windows 10 to Windows This hints at ongoing Windows 12 development, despite official statements ruling out its release this year.