NIXsolutions: Meta Platforms Restructures AI Division

Meta Platforms recently disbanded its Responsible AI (RAI) division, reallocating its workforce to other AI-related teams within the company. The disbandment followed a prior restructuring that resulted in substantial layoffs, significantly reducing the RAI team’s size.


Transition to Generative AI and AI Infrastructure: Meta Platforms restructures AI divisions, disbanding Responsible AI team but reaffirming commitment to responsible AI development.

The majority of former RAI employees have been redirected to the Generative AI division, aiming to support Meta’s ongoing endeavors in responsible AI development. Additionally, a segment of the team has found a new home within the AI Infrastructure team. These changes align with Meta’s strategy to better scale its operations to meet future demands, as stated in an email to Reuters.

Focus on Generative AI Development:

Established earlier this year, the Generative AI division concentrates on creating advanced language and image generation tools. Meta Platforms began rolling out these tools, capable of generating diverse content for advertisers, in October. Despite the reshuffle, the company’s commitment to advancing AI technology remains evident through the development of products like Llama 2, a large language model, and Meta AI, an AI chatbot adept at generating text and images, notes NIXsolutions.

This restructuring within Meta Platforms’ AI divisions reflects a strategic reallocation of resources while emphasizing the continued commitment to responsible AI development.