NIXsolutions: Meta Expanded Ability to Customize Avatars for VR

Meta has unveiled an array of new avatar customization options within the latest Quest v57 software update. Users can now meticulously fine-tune their avatars’ appearance to mirror how they perceive themselves in real life, thanks to Meta’s latest advancements.


Precise Selection of Skin, Hair, and Makeup

Within the avatar designer, users can now accurately select their preferred shades for skin, hair, and eyebrows. Unlike the previous version, which limited users to a predetermined set of colors, Quest v57 introduces sliders that provide precise control over hair color selection. Additionally, the update offers various makeup options, allowing users to apply blush or face paint to their avatars’ faces.

Unveiling New Features and Changes

The Quest v57 update includes more than just avatar enhancements. Users in select countries, including Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States, now have the ability to unsend picture messages in both the mobile and virtual versions of the Quest app. Furthermore, the Explore feed, featuring a curated selection of fascinating applications, has been rebranded as “Horizon.” However, it’s worth noting that the capability to broadcast images from the Quest headset to the iPhone application has been removed, adds NIXsolutions.

Meta is set to reveal further details about these new Quest features at the upcoming Connect event, scheduled for September 27 and 28. During this event, Meta will also unveil additional information about the eagerly anticipated Quest 3 headset. Stay tuned for more updates.