NIX Solutions: Google Created Chatbot for Mayo Clinic

Since 2019, the Mayo Clinic, one of the largest medical and research centers in the world, has partnered with Google Cloud to drive digital transformation. The latest collaboration expands the scope of this partnership, including the development of AI chatbots.

NIX Solutions

Revolutionizing Medical Access with AI Chatbots

The new Google Cloud Enterprise Search service in Generative AI App Builder gives customers the ability to create their own chatbots to structure internal data. The Mayo Clinic was one of the first institutions to test this innovative service.

Clinicians can now easily access patient records, images, genomics or laboratory data with a simple query, even if the data is stored in different formats and locations.

Privacy and Legal Compliance

Google emphasizes that its approach to privacy ensures that customers retain full control over their data. What’s more, the new service is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

Research and application of artificial intelligence in medicine is an important area of development, and the partnership between Google Cloud and the Mayo Clinic defines responsible ways to bring this technology to healthcare, concludes NIX Solutions‎. Together, they set new standards and open up new opportunities to improve health care and increase data availability.