NIX Solutions: Google to Move Corporate Gmail Users to New Interface

Google announced its readiness to transfer all corporate users of the web version of Gmail to the new interface. It will no longer be possible to return to the old interface, although quite recently it was possible. Nevertheless, some settings are still available – for example, you can choose the theme and the density of information on the screen.

NIX Solutions

When Chat is enabled, the screen also provides access to the Spaces and Meet services designed to interact with colleagues (for example, joint work with documents and video calls). These services are located on the left side of the screen, you can’t move them to the right. Integrating them directly into Gmail eliminates the need to open different sites in multiple tabs, iGuides says, and helps ensure you don’t miss out on important events and messages.

NIX Solutions notes that these changes to the look and feel of Gmail have been tested since early 2022. This month, Google will begin to gradually roll out their rollout to users in the corporate and academic segments. Similar innovations are available in Gmail for ordinary users, but for now you can opt out of them, remaining on the same interface.