NIXsolutions: GitHub Copilot Enterprise Now Available to Everyone for $39 per Month

GitHub recently unveiled the general availability of Copilot Enterprise, a service tailored for large businesses. This offering encompasses code generation functionalities and a chatbot designed to guide developers through their projects.

NIX Solutions

Customizable Model with Bing Integration

The Copilot Enterprise version integrates with Microsoft Bing, currently in beta, allowing users to tailor the model based on their development team’s existing code base. This customization empowers developers to pose specific questions to the chatbot, receiving organization-specific responses. As many large developers store product documentation in GitHub repositories, Copilot can seamlessly parse through this information. GitHub’s CEO, Thomas Dohmke, shared that even the platform’s internal documents are stored on GitHub, with some employees already engaging Copilot for miscellaneous queries.

Bing Integration Enhances AI Assistance

The integration with Bing aids the AI assistant in navigating changes that may have occurred since the model’s initial training, such as updates to APIs or open-source libraries. Presently, this feature is exclusive to the Copilot Enterprise version, with GitHub yet to disclose its availability for other editions, notes NIXsolutions. The imminent fine-tuning feature will also be limited to the corporate version, allowing customers to define repositories and configure the model, particularly beneficial for those working with less common programming languages or organization-specific libraries.

Continuous Model Updates

Despite Copilot’s reliance on the older GPT 3.5 Turbo model for automatic code completion, GitHub has undergone multiple updates to enhance its capabilities. While the transition to GPT 4 is not imminent, GitHub ensures that all users receive the same solutions, diverging from the approach of offering different models to clients based on their unique needs.