NIXsolutions: Altman and Ive Collaborate on AI Device

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and former Apple chief product designer Jony Ive (pictured) have decided to join forces to develop a personal device based on artificial intelligence (AI), as reported by The Information.


New Collaborative Venture

Little is known about the upcoming AI-enabled device, but it won’t resemble a traditional smartphone. Altman, an investor in the startup Humane, which created a screen-free wearable device called Humane AI pin with AI support, seems inclined to venture into similar territory alongside Ive.

Rumors Confirmed

Rumors of a collaboration between Ive and Altman surfaced last fall, and it appears they were indeed in discussion at the time, though at an early stage. No official announcement was made then. According to The Information, the duo’s unnamed startup is now actively seeking funding, aiming to secure investments of up to $1 billion from major venture capitalists. Potential investors include SoftBank, Thrive Capital (an OpenAI-supporting fund), and Laurene Powell, widow of Steve Jobs, adds NIXsolutions.

While details remain scarce, the collaboration between Altman and Ive holds promise for the future of AI-driven personal devices. We’ll keep you updated on any developments in this intriguing venture.