NIXsolutions: Adobe Shuts Down XD Platform after Figma Deal Collapses

Adobe has officially announced the discontinuation of its XD web design platform, marking a significant shift in its priorities. This decision follows the recent revelation that Adobe’s attempt to acquire Figma for $20 billion faced regulatory hurdles in the European Union and the UK.

NIX Solutions

XD in “Maintenance Mode”

When Adobe sought to acquire Figma, a renowned app and website interface design service, it promptly placed its XD platform in “maintenance mode,” ceasing the introduction of new features. While the failure of the Figma deal was disclosed in December, Adobe remained silent on the fate of XD until now.

No Future Investment

This week, an XD spokesperson confirmed, “We have no plans to continue investing in it.” Additionally, an Adobe representative outlined the company’s renewed focus on bolstering existing applications for image processing, design, animation, and the Express cloud platform, alongside advancements in the Firefly AI image generator. Adobe remains committed to integrating artificial intelligence-based features into its software products.

Figma’s Rise and XD’s Decline

Figma has outpaced Adobe XD in recent years. In 2022, an Adobe representative revealed that XD contributed only around $17 million annually to the company’s revenue, with a modest team of 19 people working on its functionalities. Despite rumors suggesting Adobe might create a new competitor after the failed Figma deal, no official announcements have been made. However, an Adobe spokesperson expressed openness to exploring partnerships within the web design realm, adds NIXsolutions.

As Adobe bids farewell to XD, the company signals a strategic pivot towards enhancing its core offerings and embracing collaborations in the evolving landscape of web design and development.